Duco Consulting team event.

The first team gathering.

As a remote team, it's rare to have the whole gang in the same room!

I’m so grateful for my fantastic team at Duco Consulting. My colleagues are wholesome human beings who also happen to kick ass at digital marketing.

I was chasing remote career paths before working from home was the norm. I thrive in creative freedom and independence. I intentionally blur the line between work and play because the combination of both these things makes my life whole!

"Across all of our iterations, successes, and failures, one thing has persisted through all of our engagements: obsession - an obsession with our clients, results, and the work we put out. We combine a scientific, analytical approach with a passionate work ethic to routinely surpass industry averages. What we do today might evolve tomorrow, as we're always exploring new avenues and trends (like the marketing analytics software we are currently building), but the future looks bright. In 2020, as Duco Consulting Ltd. is re-branded and registered as a corporation in Canada, we promise to continue being obsessive about our clients and provide forward-thinking solutions to contemporary problems." - Quote from www.ducoconsulting.ca

Picture by Brandon Cheer @bcheer
Picture by Brandon Cheer @bcheer