Beautiful giants of Asia.


Asian service elephants.

Every Asian service elephant has had to endure a process known as Pajan, also called The Crush Box. This horrible torture method is used to break their spirits. The procedure persists until the calf is so fearful of its human captor that it will do anything to avoid being hurt again. I encourage you all to watch “Love & bananas” to ignite a new way of thinking about this beautiful species and learn about preventing Asian elephant extinction.


The most powerful tool to saving the biggest giants on Earth can fit in the palm of your hand.

Said Lek Chailert, a world-renowned Asian elephant conservationist and Hero of Asia.

Capture every injustice and spread awareness through your social media!



A species that need love.

They form deep family bonds and live in matriarchal groups. They’re extremely intelligent and emotional animals that need love and physical touch. Don’t separate them from their families!


Selflessly invested.

I admire the volunteers and workers from all over the world who have shifted their lives to collaborate permanently or semi-permanently with Elephant Nature Park. Love and effort are selflessly invested to positively impact the beautiful people and creatures that live in this secluded safe haven.

CNN article by Ashley Bell

Just keep filming. If they kill us, we will have proof.

She was filming. Keeping her eyes on the action. Lek had positioned the barrel of her lens straight ahead to keep the soldiers, their guns, and every move they made in her sights. with a serene smile she said
By Ashley Bell - Updated 3:54 PM ET, Fri April 27, 2018

I want more.

We were only at Elephant Nature Park for a week, but we felt the harsh effects of the sun and manual work. I wish I could have devoted more time to have allowed myself to become accustomed to the conditions and improved my efficiency.

I deeply respect the full-time volunteers and workers who have endless energy and smiles to share. I hope to go back to this park or other similar sanctuaries in the world, to expand my knowledge, physical strength, mental endurance, and my ability to give selflessly.